Joy Colucci, CEO and Owner

  • 30 Years of government business experience, including large program management, business division management, program capture management
  • Senior management experience with leading government prime contractors including Raytheon, Booz Allen
  • Ph.D. scientist with technical expertise in a broad range of disciplines including Earth & Space sciences, remote sensing, data management
  • PMP, ITIL, and ScrumMaster certified

Jeffrey Sherk, Director of Strategic Programs

  • Retired USAF Colonel with 25 years space program leadership experience
  • Served as Assistant to the Director, Missile Defense Agency; Special Assistant to the Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Led multiple USAF space organizations and programs, including the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle global strike program, the Space Superiority Technology Division and Test & Evaluation Division of the Space Superiority System Wing, and the Maui Space Surveillance System

James Theiss, Space Division Manager

  • Retired Lt. Colonel, USAF Space & Missiles Division
  • USAF Positions: Deputy Division Chief, Space Electro-Optics Division; Deputy Director, Chief Inspection Analysis Division; Deputy Director Space Program Executive Office Support; Chief Space Technology Integration Branch
  • BS Aerospace Engineering; MA Military Operations

Kari Gonter, Aeronautics Division Manager

  • 25 years FAA experience: Southern California TRACON, Operations Manager of Los Angeles Area; LAX Tower supervisor
  • NASA Co-Investigator and Subject Matter Expert in Human Factors and Aviation Cognitive Engineering research
  • Aviation Safety Expertise, lead analyst on Aviation Safety Reporting System program
  • United States Air Force Veteran

Ron Unruh, Director of Contracts

  • Retired USAF officer with 23 years of service.
  • Military career encompassed Air Traffic control radar, missile operations, aerospace and research and development acquisition.
  • Held multiple warrants to include the only DoD dual warranted Administrative Contracting Officer and Property Administrator and later served as an Air Force Supervisory Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Kirtland AFB, NM; initial contracting officer for the USAF *Multiple leadership positions in the Professional Aerospace Contractors Association (PACA) of New Mexico; chairman of PACA’s Briefing for Industry event held annually in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jennifer Paulik, HR Manager

  • 20 years of experience in Human Resources management at both Operational and Strategic levels
  • Served as the Human Resources Manager for organizations up to 6500 personnel
  • Served as the Human Resources Operations officer, responsible for all Human Resources Strategic plans, for an organization consisting of over 25,000 personnel
  • B.S. in Business Management, a Master’s in Business Administration
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification