Ron Unruh

Ron Unrih


Ron Unruh is the Executive Director of Contracts for Metis Technology Solutions, Inc. located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  With over 30 years of comprehensive, senior-level leadership in the areas of operations, contracts, program management he provides the day-to-day oversight and management on all Metis contracts and is the corporate contracting officer all Metis prime and subcontracts.  He provides proposal support to include both incoming and outgoing teaming agreements and non-disclosure agreements as well as solicitation analysis. 

Previously, Mr. Unruh provided program management support to the US Army Big Crow Program Office, working directly with the office of the Canadian Minister of Defense and the USA Security Assistance Command for the establishment of a direct Canadian/US Army Big Crow Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agreement for the training of Canadian Electronic Warfare Officers. Ron served 23 years of distinguished service with the United States Air Force. His military career encompassed Air Traffic control radar, missile operations, aerospace and research and development acquisition.  Following his stint of being the Deputy Director of Standardization and Evaluation for the 91st Strategic Missile Wing, he was hand selected to attend the AFIT Education with Industry program in acquisition during which time he spent a year at Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace Group. He held multiple warrants to include the only DoD dual warranted Administrative Contracting Officer and Property Administrator and later served as an Air Force Supervisory Procuring Contracting Officer.  He was the initial contracting officer for the USAF Airborne Laser program. Ron last served as the contract’s division chief for the Air Force Research Laboratories’ Advanced Weapons Directorate.  He provided contracts support to AFOTEC, TACCSF (now DMOC), SAALC and was the Procuring Contracting Officer for the ACAT 1 SCI programs, Agent Defeat Weapons Program and the Hard and Deep Program. 

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