ASRS Re-bid Win

This month, Metis was awarded a follow-on subcontract to operate NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS). As the major subcontractor to Booz Allen Hamilton for another five years, Metis will continue to provide aviation safety report processing and analysis for ASRS.

The Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) is the largest aviation safety reporting system in the world, receiving 90,100 reports in 2014 and more than a million reports during its 40-year service to aviation. Metis currently employs twenty aviation safety analysts and analyst assistants on the ASRS contract under the leadership of our Aeronautics Division Manager Kari Gonter. The Metis ASRS Analysts’ experience is comprised of over 240 cumulative years of aviation expertise covering the full spectrum of aviation activity: air carrier, corporate, military, and general aviation; Air Traffic Control in Towers, TRACONs, Centers, and Military Facilities. Analyst cumulative flight time exceeds 140,000 hours in over 50 different aircraft including light sport, military fighters, heavy commercial transports, helicopters, gliders, and UAVs. This talented team is responsible for screening, coding and analyzing all ASRS reports. In addition, Metis employees write and edit the world-famous CallBack publication, which can be found online at .

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