Intelligent Information Processing

NASA Small Business Innovation Research: 2017 Phase II Award

Intelligent Information Processing for Enhanced Safety in the NAS

Metis is currently developing a system that focuses on how improved information flow between agents acting in a flight deck environment can improve safety performance. The system is being designed to protect human agents from information glut and information overload, and will reduce bandwidth requirements on communications channels. Agents react to the presented information by accepting it, discounting it, or querying the system for more information. All decisions and actions are recorded and modeled by the system in order to verify correct and efficient processing of information.

The Metis prototype will operate independently of flight deck systems but will have access to required information sources. It will not impose an additional monitoring responsibility on the flight crew except for when safety issues surface. At that point, the flight crew’s attention is captured and then predefined, prioritized information will be presented in a selected format.

The proposed system consists of three major software components: the Metadata Workbench, the Condition Monitor, and the Notification Terminal.