DoD Small Business Innovation Research: 2019 Phase I Award


STIGAssist is an application for the purpose of cybersecurity risk management analysis, assessment and mitigation tool with the ability to ingest DISA-based security standards. It functions as follows:

  • Designed to accommodate Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • Automates assessment and mitigation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Increases accuracy and repeatability of vulnerability assessments and mitigations
  • Reduces total time of assessment, mitigation, and required cybersecurity professional man-hours
  • Provides consistent implementation of assessment and mitigations
  • Provides scalability to support a wide variety of system designs
  • DoD warfighting and defense mission Information Technology capability is at constant risk of impairment or exploitation due to vulnerability in the system supply chain and its critical functions.
  • Vulnerabilities within system may be sabotaged or subverted by foreign intelligence, terrorists, or other hostile parties.
  • Due to these risks it is essential that robust system engineering, supply chain risk management, security, cybersecurity, software, assurance and information systems security engineering disciplines are utilized to determine and manage risk to system integrity.
  • STIGAssist satisfies Risk Management Framework goals mandated by defense cybersecurity operations through creating an automated framework to assess, remediate, analyze and report cybersecurity vulnerabilities, as based on DISA STIGs, ┬áretaining the agility of our mission critical systems.
  • STIGAssist allows for maintaining agility to keep pace with new and existing threats along with system expansions is critical in a contested cyber environment as warfighter mission goals and objectives develop and evolve.