Synchronized Position Hold Engage Reorient Experimental Satellites (SPHERES) were first developed at MIT as a DARPA-funded project.  The SPHERES are currently managed by NASA Ames Research Center and are part of the ISS National Laboratory.  They are used to validate high risk control, metrology and autonomy technologies.

Metis currently supports the project by providing engineering services for SPHERES hardware/software development and in-flight operations on ISS, as well as technical support for the SPHERES ground data system. In addition to hardware prototyping and development, Metis leads the projects’ social media presence and we manage the development laboratory at NASA Ames. Our engineers have developed mission Safety Data Packages and Flight Certification packages. We have also developed 3-D printing technologies to investigate safety issues with mission structures. We have received 2013 NASA Ames Honor Awards for our work on this project.