F6 Test Facility

The goal of DARPA’s Future, Fast, Flexible, Fractionated, Free-Flying Spacecraft United by Information Exchange (System F6) program was to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of disaggregated—or fractionated—space architectures. The  program consisted of numerous government agencies and contractors who developed diverse hardware and software components that were to be initially integrated and tested in the ground-based Spacecraft System Integration Lab (SSIL).

Metis supported development of the distributed test harness and test management system components of the SSIL, which was designed to provide key services for users of the SSIL, including: Test “distributed computations” where a computation is specified as a set of nodes, networks, and software to run on the nodes; Handle events as the interface to a computation; Capture events generated by a computation; Inject events into a computation using an automata execution engine; Process test specifications.