Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen)

The Next Generation Air Transportation System is a comprehensive initiative integrating new and existing technologies to improve our Nation’s air transportation infrastructure.

Metis computer scientists and engineers have supported several NextGen projects at NASA Ames Research Center:

  • 4-D Trajectory Generation for Air Traffic Control: developed 4-D trajectory-planning algorithm to determine conflict-free distance-optimal paths for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).
  • Investigated usage of lightweight and advanced materials for aircraft structure and performance of aircraft models with flexible wings: specifically aerodynamic modeling the Elastically Shaped Aircraft Concept (ESAC) and its Variable Continuous Camber Trailing Edge (VCCTEF) which included performing coupled aeroelastic-vortex lattice modeling, developing aeroelastic trim algorithms and an aeroelastic flight dynamic model.
  • Investigated use of data-based predictive control for aircraft loss of control prevention: algorithms developed to quantify ‘loss of control’ criteria to support visual display safe input boundaries to pilot.