STIGAssist Cybersecurity Support Tool

SBIR Award Winner at First US Air Force Pitch Day in New York City

The Metis STIGAssist technology satisfies Risk Management Framework goals mandated by defense cybersecurity operations through an automated tool to assess, remediate, analyze and report cybersecurity vulnerabilities, as based on DISA STIGs, retaining the agility of our mission critical systems.

STIGAssist Solution

STIGAssist is the tool to keep pace with the increasing cybersecurity needs our growing modern systems are constantly facing. Its capabilities are:

  • Scalable to work with networks large or small
  • Accommodates Cybersecurity Risk Management per RMF and NIST requirements
  • Automates assessment and mitigation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Increases accuracy and repeatability of vulnerability assessments and mitigations
  • Reduces total time of assessment, mitigation, and required cybersecurity professional man-hours
  • Provides consistent implementation of assessment and mitigations
  • Usable by professionals with knowledge base from minimal cybersecurity knowledge to experts

STIGAssist differs from most other cybersecurity tools such as McAfee or Bitdefender as it tackles a computer system’s multiple levels of security configuration from operating systems, software, and user privileges. Cybersecurity vulnerabilities go beyond virus and malware scans as they do not need to be present for a system to be vulnerable to external attacks or internal privilege misuse.

STIGAssist Functionality Includes:


Accurate and fast network
and system discovery with

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Databases
  • Network Devices
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Users
  • Privileges
  • Cyber vulnerabilities

No more reliance on manually
generated system inventories
to know the state of your

Up-to-date comprehensive
system inventories that keep
pace with system changes.


Automatically generate reports
and documentation.
Inventory lists

  • Software lists
  • Hardware lists
  • Network information
  • STIG Reports for
    Certification and
  • History of system
  • Etc.

Automate over 90% of report
Minimum manual input
More time for security analysis



Automated scheduled
monitoring and risk

  • Cyber vulnerability
  • Cyber vulnerability
  • Network/device
  • Computer resource
  • Continuous monitoring
    of status of users and

Shown to reduce timelines for
IT professional tasks and
maintenance by 600x.

Allows for more efficient usage
of manpower across
organization’s IT systems

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