Josh Puglise



Josh Puglise is Metis Vice President of Business Operations and Chief Financial Officer. Josh is responsible for all contracts and finance functions for the company and oversees the Metis business operations staff. Beyond his responsibilities for Metis business operations functions, Josh is outwardly focused on strategic management of long-range business planning and corporate strategy.

He retired from the United States Marine Corps in 2018 after 20 years of service. In the last ten years of his service, he served in a financial management capacity fulfilling a fiduciary role for all financial matters. During this period Josh held several key leadership positions in multiple commands focused on extensive budget development, financial reporting, auditability, along with aligning congressionally appropriated funds with operational requirements, and long-range Department of Defense budget planning.  Josh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Temple University and a Master’s in Business Administration degree with concentrations in Financial Business and Leading Organizations from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

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