From cybersecurity to pilot training to innovations in our software development laboratory, we endeavor to advance solutions big and small for the challenges our clients encounter and look to us to solve.

STIGAssist Cybersecurity Support Tool

SBIR Award Winner at First US Air Force Pitch Day in New York City

The Metis STIGAssist technology satisfies Risk Management Framework goals mandated by defense cybersecurity operations through an automated tool to assess, remediate, analyze and report cybersecurity vulnerabilities, as based on DISA STIGs, retaining the agility of our mission critical systems.

Pilot Training And Autonomous Systems

Metis’ patent-pending IIPS software architecture has multiple applications, including pilot training and enabling autonomous transportation systems.

Digital Engineering

Metis is using digital engineering on our NASA Ames Research Center’s Aerospace Systems Modeling and Simulation (SimLabs III) contract to harnesses modern digital capabilities to discover a better way to design, improve processes in a digital environment and save time and reduce risk with virtual commissioning.  Digital engineering enables Metis to produce a continuous chain of innovation that evolves alongside customer needs and new technical opportunities.

Digital Engineering
Metis DevSecOps Lab

Our DevSecOps lab automates the continuous delivery of software features, with the rigor and discipline of continuous integration and testing, implementing security decisions and actions at the same scale and speed as development and operations.

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