Metis Earns Diversity For Social Impact Certification

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Metis Technology Solutions, Inc. has earned Diversity Equity Inclusion Workplace (DEI Workplace™) certification from Diversity for Social Impact™. The DEI Workplace™ certification is an accreditation that demonstrates both a company’s commitment to existing DEI practices and willingness to continually improve in DEI.

Diversity for Social Impact Certification image
Diversity for Social Impact Certification

“Though Metis has long been confident in our ability to create a diverse and inclusive work environment, it is a great distinction to have those accomplishments confirmed and recognized by a respected outside organization,” said Jennifer Paulik, Vice President of Human Resources at Metis. “As a woman-owned small business with 50% executive positions held by women, we appreciate the value of diverse voices and opinions to corporate success. In the history of Metis, it has been proven time and again that an accessible, equitable, inclusive, and diverse company culture is best for both our employees and customers.”

“The wide spectrum of angles Metis considered in creating the many policies, programs, and support for all their staff, as well as how they encourage staff to contribute back to their communities, is exceptional!” said Jessica Man, Senior Diversity Advisor at Diversity for Social Impact. “Congratulations to Metis on their achievements!”

Existing Metis DEI practices include a robust set of corporate policies ensuring equitable treatment of all employees, company-wide celebrations of special emphasis observances (like LGBTQ+ Pride Month and Black History Month), and a publicly posted DEI statement. Previous Metis recognition from outside organizations for inclusive workplace and hiring practices includes winning four Department of Labor HIREVets Medallions between 2018-2021; three Family Friendly New Mexico awards between 2019-2021; and a 2019 Global SHIFT HR award.

Inclusivity is not only central to Metis’s culture but also the engineering and science work the company performs. Metis is currently making significant contributions to one of the highest profile and most inclusive NASA programs ever undertaken, the Artemis missions. Artemis, a series of Moon exploration missions beginning in 2024, will see the first woman and minority Astronauts land on the Moon. On their SimLabs contract, Metis produces simulations used by Astronauts to test spacecraft like the lunar lander. Through their satellite ground systems work, Metis will help provide communications between NASA staff on Earth and the Artemis crew in space and on the Moon.

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