Metis Expands to NASA JPL as DSN Subcontractor



June, 2013. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has selected ITT Exelis to provide maintenance, operations, and engineering services for NASA’s international Deep Space Network (DSN). Metis is honored to be one of Exelis’ subcontractors on the DSN contract, which has a base period of performance of five years, with incentive provisions that can extend the contract up to 10 years.
Under the DSN contract, the Exelis team will support an international network of communications complexes that supports interplanetary robotic spacecraft missions performing radio, radar, and astronomy observations for the exploration of the solar system and the universe, as well as selected Earth-orbiting missions. Exelis work includes support of key space exploration missions such as Voyager 1 and 2, Mars Exploration Rover Project, Curiosity and the Cassini Saturn mission.  Metis will support DSN network operations and documentation requirements as subcontractor to Exelis.

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