New Metis Contract at Kirtland Air Force Base

Metis has secured new work at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico supporting the Engineering Development Sustainment (EDS) contract as subcontractor to Lockheed Martin. The EDS contract provides development and sustaining engineering for ground systems that operate R&D spacecraft for the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center’s Advanced Systems and Development Directorate.  EDS contract projects include development and sustaining engineering for the Multi-Mission Satellite Operations Center (MMSOC), as well as planning and design activities for future Enterprise Ground Services (EGS).

The Multi-Mission Satellite Operations Center (MMSOC) is an ever-evolving system developed by SMC/ADG at the KAFB. The evolution of this system has been driven by funding profiles, customer necessity, and system vision – and can currently be described as:

  • an service bus architecture
  • a infrastructure that hosts satellite operations applications
  • a development of standardized interfaces and the GMSEC/Compat C2 framework
  • a virtualized system sharing common hardware resources
  • at an accredited secret classification
  • adding additional classifications
  • flying multiple satellites
  • integrating new satellites

Metis subcontract scope includes secure systems administration and information assurance, as well as software, systems and network engineering for continuing evolution of the MMSOC.

Kirtland Air Force Base

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