Research Development Test & Evaluation

NASA Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel

Metis experience in aerodynamics and wind tunnel testing includes:

  • Testing and data analysis, engineers can assess the viability, safety, and performance of various aerospace projects.
  • Data systems and data quality.
  • Instrumentation development and wind tunnel mechanical.
  • Facility management.
  • Systems management, updates and IT security.

Fluid Mechanics

Metis engineers develop new theories, models, and techniques to enhance our understanding of fluid behavior and improve aerospace designs, including:

  • Novel technologies and methodologies related to fluid mechanics. Designing and prototyping experimental setups, computational models, instrumentation systems, and measurement techniques.
  • Validation of models, theories, and technologies related to fluid mechanics.
  • Using scaled-down prototypes, large-scale wind tunnels, water channels, and other specialized facilities.

Unsteady Pressure Sensitive Paint (uPSP)

Metis has performed extensive research to understand the behavior of the paint and its response to varying pressure conditions for the NASA uPSP project.  This research has involved:

  • Understanding of unsteady flow phenomena in aerospace applications.
  • Subjecting the PSP-coated surfaces to various flow conditions and measuring the resulting pressure distributions.
  • Spectral analysis, wavenumber-frequency analysis and modal analysis of the uPSP data. Visualization of the uPSP data.
  • Design and testing of specialized instruments for applying the PSP and capturing the resulting pressure data.
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