Metis To Continue NASA Ames Test Support Following ATOM-5 Award to Jacobs

Following Jacobs Engineering Group’s successful recompete bid for the Aerospace Testing and Facilities Operations and Maintenance (ATOM) 5 contract at NASA Ames Research Center (ARC), Metis Technology Solutions, Inc. is set to continue its role as a significant subcontractor on the program. Metis currently has 18 employees working on the ATOM-4 contract, providing engineering support to the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel (UPWT) test facility, Arc Jet complex, and the unsteady Pressure Sensitive Paint (uPSP) project, among others. With the ATOM-5 win, Metis anticipates continuing their current role while being offered opportunities to apply their extensive engineering expertise to upcoming ARC research projects.

Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel NASA

“It is fantastic to learn that ATOM-5 has been awarded to our teaming partner, Jacobs,” said Brian Eslinger, Metis Vice President of Space Programs. “Metis has a significant presence at NASA Ames and our work on ATOM-5 will help us to continue developing our reputation onsite as a company that provides the highest quality of engineering and science services. Congratulations to all Metis employees who contributed to ATOM-4 and our prime partner Jacobs; it was their combined hard work and successes on ATOM-4 that ultimately made this win possible.”

ATOM-5 is a Cost-Plus Fixed Fee contract valued at $209M with a duration of up to five years. The NASA ARC facilities Metis provides support to on ATOM-4 are some of the most important currently operating in the entire aerospace industry. Nearly every commercial aircraft model operating today, for example, has undergone testing at the UPWT, and the Arc Jet facility provides critical testing services to validate spacecraft suitability for atmospheric exit and reentry. 

For more information about this contract award, visit this link.

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