Safety & Mission Assurance

Launchpad Safety

Metis provides oversight of hazardous and safety-critical operations at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and other sites, such as Kennedy Space Center, Patrick Space Force Base, Los Angeles Air Force Base, Vandenberg Space Force Base, and other locations in the Eastern Range. Key mission areas of performance include oversight of Flight Termination System integration and checkout; spacecraft fueling/defueling; spacecraft and launch vehicle lifting and transport operations; launch operations; and incident response. Additionally, Metis develops launch safety planning documentation, provide technical reviews for new space lift programs to characterize hazards, perform pad safety training, and provide hazard abatement as part of range safety approval.

Aviation Safety

Since 2011, Metis staff have included a broad range of subject matter experts in the area of aviation safety. Our experience includes providing human-factors based research into safety topics, identification and analysis of safety issues impacting the National Airspace System (NAS), and producing aviation safety-related inputs to special topics wake vortex and integration of unmanned aircraft systems into the NAS.

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